What makes a Singer 911 so special?

From the brain of former Catherine Wheel star Rob Dickinson comes the Porsche 911 “Reimagined By Singer” – the ultimate in Stuttgart hot-rodding.

They’re a well-known brand in the automotive industry, but what exactly makes a Singer 911 so special?

What makes a Singer 911 so special – The Newcastle Car

It’s a question that I’ve been asking myself a few too many times as of recent. Although there are several very clear and obvious answers in the design, the quality and the customisation, they’re not the answer’s that I’ve been looking for.

I’ve not yet convinced myself that I’m onto a winner here, so you’ll have to bare with me. But, if nothing else, it’s a fun little dissection of arguably the single most important tuning company operating today.

So come with me on a whistlestop tour of what my head does between 11PM and 2AM as I lose the battle between counting sheep and building custom Porsche’s.

Everything is important

Not just a clever company tagline, but the entire philosophy of which Singer encompasses.

What makes a Singer 911 so special – Everything is Important

There are a fair few of these resto-mod workshops out there these days and plenty with the sole focus of custom 911s – but not all worthy to play on the field that Singer commands.

The level of detail and the level of care put into each individual creation is quite frankly absurd. It’s something that you’ll have undoubtedly heard time and time again, but it doesn’t make it any less true.

Everything is important and looking at the final product when it rolls out of the Los Angeles workshop, all of those tiny details contribute to a near overwhelming final package.

A timeless body without tacky additions

The Porsche 911 is one of the all-time greats of automotive design. From the very first to the most recent, the silhoutte of a 911 is instantly recognisable as a symbol of elegance and class.

What makes a Singer 911 so special – The Newcastle Car

It’s the careful consideration of what the 911 represents that gives the Singer’s Reimagination the perfect design. The car isn’t designed to be macho, or aggressive – but rather subtle and purposeful. The 911 is a car with a friendly face and to bolt canards and add aggressive chin spoilers is a fast way to ruin it’s message.

The hips of the car is the dead giveaway that you’re not looking at a standard 964. A pair of hips that Dickinson meticulously modelled, designed and then remodelled to build just the right look to an unbeatable 911.

Combined with the subtle touches and the brillant choice of materials, the Singer is always a sight for sore eyes.

Excelling at interiors

Look around the creations of other hot-rodders, tuners or car builders – no matter the quality – and you may notice that there tends to be one area that tends to sink the ship – interiors.

What makes a Singer 911 so special – The Newcastle Car

Somewhere along the line, modified cars became less what they were like as an experience and more what they looked like on the outside. For some reason, teenagers have become obsessed with “slamming” their 1.2 Corsa’s and “Stage 2-ing” their Fiesta ST’s that they’re kind of missing the point of customising a car. There’s minimal consideration and thought that go into a build and more what works on Instagram and spoiler alert (often literally), it’s not their interiors.

There are only two different areas to a car. The exterior and the interior. For a young-en to spend 20 minutes fitting a crude splitter or for a seasoned builder to spend hundreds of hours on the exterior – the crime of ignoring, or even worse, stripping the interior is one that should only be punishable by death.

This, however, is where Singer excel. In fact, Singer excel so far ahead of the curve they might as well be moulding it themselves.

Pop your head through the open window of a Singer 911 and the only sound you’ll hear is your jaw ricocheting off of the door-tops. The interiors of these one-off Porsche’s kindly lets us know that what we’ve been given up until this point is simply not up to scratch. We have been robbed of beauty, elegance and quality.

There’s a lot to be said, too much to be said, in fact, about the custom leather weave, the steering wheel, the gauges, the door cards… There’s so much to take in and appreciate that Singer owners have been known to nip to the local shop only to arrive back home a full 12-hour later without the milk and eggs, but cold, confused and totally awestruck.

Be lucky enough to be able to sit in one of these and you’ll be magnetised to avoid a Citroen Picasso for the rest of your days.

We all love a good story

The Porsche 911 Reimagined By Singer is special in so many different ways, but perhaps the best way to encompass it all is with the full story.

What makes a Singer 911 so special – The Newcastle Car

No matter which perspective you choose to soak in the full Singer story, it’s nothing shy of total romance. The thoroughly passionate founder and former Singer (hence the name) turned Porsche hot-rodder in Rob Dickinson. The painstaking two-year stint to mould the rear arches. The seal of approval from the Stuttgart Soldiers themselves.

Everything about the Singer story is so wonderfully arranged, it makes it difficult to release anything but a smile and a subtle shake of the head.

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